Monday, March 15, 2010


we are organising the gridwide "Go4Goal-Hunt" - a hunt related to the soccer worldchampionships in Africa 2010. The hunt is running in exactly this timeperiod, starting 11th June and ending 11th July 2010 (hey - there is lots of time inbetween the matches for the hunters to run into your shop ;-) ).
And here is the beef:
Max Numbers of stores: 100
Accepting Applications until 1st June 2010
The gifts for the hunters should be related to the championship. Use your imagination. It can be a soccer outfit, gestures, soccer poses, fan-articles. But you can also create something Africa-related - even Bongo-Drums would be appropriate :-)

To participating please send a notecard with the following information to Paco Pooley (and please be so kind to rename it into: Go4Goal-Hunt - your name - your store) InWorld

Name of Store:
Landmark for the Store:
SURL for the Store location:
Contact person:
Type of Store:
Item you might create (optional - only if you know):
Picture of item (optional - if you have it already):

The usual yadda yadda:

If you are accepted, we will notify you within a week the latest.
First come, first serve (as always)
If something changes (store location, dropping out of the hunt for whatever reasons) please send a notecard to Paco Pooley OR Manuel Ormidale
Display the hunt-poster outside your store (you will receive the poster after you have been accepted)
Soccer is interesting for men AND women - so please be so kind to make sure that your huntgift suits to male and female hunters (unisex items, outfits for him AND her...)!
We will send out the huntboxes with the landmarks beginning June.
This hunt will be circular - means: the last store leads to the first in row (makes it easier for the hunters)

If you have any questions or suggestions please IM Paco Pooley or/and Manuel Ormidale or drop us a notecard. We will come back 2 u asap.

And most important: Have fun! Cause the soccer championship likewise the hunts is all about that: Having fun :-)
Best regards
Paco Pooley & Manuel Ormidale