Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chase of the Beast Hunt

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. & ANCAYI presents:

" The Chase of The Beast ! "

-Start: March 1st

-End: April 1st

-Start location:


Come to chase the Beast !

I propose you a hunt themed around the universe of fables and animal tales. It's the opportunity for you to appeal to your creativity or to your childhood memories to commemorate a story that touched you.

As a help, here is a random list of themes you could use but don't feel forced to follow those. You can chose another writer but your choice must match the hunt's subject.


- La Fontaine

- Kipling

- Orwell ( " Animal Farm " )

- Le roman de Renart

- Perrault

and more...

The hunt will take place between the March 1st and the April 1st.

No more than 100 creators are invited to participate in it.

If you're interested in joining this Hunt, Please complete the application below and return it to Lolly Carlberg or Cagalli tokyoska by no later than february 1th.


Once your application was accepted, you will receive the complete pack (poster, group, blog) at the beginning of January

P.S: Resellers are no accepted. Mainstore only not mall ^^

Lolly Carlberg

Cagalli Tokyoska


-Owner/Manager Name(s):

-Store Name:



- SIM ( PG, Mature , Adult ) :

- Fable or tale which you go to use:

- Gift You're Proposing to Give Away:

Please send this notecard to lolly carlberg or cagalli tokyoska

SL Discovery Kids! Be My Valentine Hunt

SL Discovery Kids! is sponsoring their first hunt for kids.

Notice ... This is hunt for KIDS. This means that all gifts MUST be kid appropriate (Think of it as "Do I want my real life 6 year old playing with, sitting on or wearing what I am offering"). You do NOT have to be a kid's shop to participate, however, if you are not a kid's shop, or at least have a kid's section in your shop, you will more than likely be asked to provide a sample of what you will offer as a gift to a hunt organizer.

Shops will be checked prior to acceptance into the hunt, we'll be more picky about shops for the kid's hunts, if you mainly create/sell adult oriented products, you might not be accepted into the hunt.

Mature sims will be accepted; Adult sims will NOT be accepted into the hunt. Vendors on sims that require age verification will also be accepted. The shop before such sims will have two landmarks (Or a notecard with both and an explanation) in their hunt object to allow for those not age verified to move on without problem.

Vendors will be notified via notecard upon acceptance into the hunt. The notecard will include a landmark to the SL Discovery Kids! Hunts Vendor Subscriber group. ALL vendors MUST subscribe to this group; it is not a regular SL group and will NOT take up a group slot. Vendors not subscribed by the date hunt order is released will be removed from the hunt.

TIMELINE: in order to let everyone have an idea on when things are going to happen here is the timeline. This isn't 100% set in stone, but pretty close to it. We understand that real life sometimes interferes with Second Life, it happens to us too, so we tend to be a bit flexible, however there are some deadlines that are NOT flexible, these are deadlines for joining the subscriber, walk through deadlines and the actual start date of the hunt.

Application Deadline: January 22nd

Hunt Order Announced/Released (and deadline for being in the subscriber): January 24th

Hunt Object Distributed: January 26th

Walk Through: Starts February 1st, ends February 4th.

Hunt Starts February 6th. Hunt objects should be filled and hidden no later than 11:30 pm on the 5th

There is a 100 vendor limit to the hunt. Applications should be submitted to Lunatic Daffyd or Insane Audeburgh no later than January 22nd. Applications submitted after that time will be held to be used as fill-ins if we need them. If you are submitting for more than one shop please submit more than one application and make sure we know that they are different shops. Due to the vendor limit, vendors submitting multiple applications may be asked to chose which shop they want and drop the other(s).

The SL Discovery Kids! (and SL Discovery) Hunt Team

Please be sure to fill out the application completely, including slurl. Incomplete applications may be rejected.

RENAME the application to replace (Your Shop Name Here) with your shop name ... for example: SLDK Be My Valentine Hunt Application (~LilyPads~)

Applications should be returned to Lunatic Daffyd or Insane Audeburgh no later than January 22.


Shop Name:

Shop Owner:

Alternate Contact if any (someone who can contact you if we can't):



Sim Rating (NO Adult sims):

Is age verification needed to tp to sim:

Irontail Egg Hunt

Another frackin grid wide hunt in Second Life!

The Irontail Egg Hunt will run from April 1st-30th, reigning in the holiday season in a slightly different way. This hunt is for the warped & the sexy. Adult shops are encouraged to apply! We could all use a little targeted traffic. This is not going to be a kid friendly hunt as at least some of the stores will be on adult land, but a hunt for Adult stores, Nekos,Goth,Vampires, Sexy Clothes etc... and just those that enjoy some spice in their lives! Deadline for applications is Feb. 23rd and I am capping the hunt at 150 stores.


Please send: To JuliaSnow Fall or Alexis3 Luik in world (send to one of us NOT both)

Your full second life name

Store name

Landmark of your store


Land Rating:

Name your application Irontail (Your Name)(Store name)

Name/s you want added to the group?

What do you make and sell?

If accepted you will be invited to the Irontail Egg Hunt group for merchants. If you need an alt to join the group instead of your main avatar please let it be known on your application. I do realize group space is limited, but it is the only way I can keep in touch with all of you and have a smooth running hunt.

JuliaSnow Fall

Alexis3 Luik

Kaelor Devin

Lucky Charm Hunt

Lucky Charm Hunt

Hunt Starts: March 1st -31st

Application Deadline: Febuary 19th

Group Name: Duchess Kid Hunt Group

Hunt Blog:


The four-leaf clover is considered lucky. It Gives poeple a sence of living a carefree life, comfort and/or prosperity. So we are going to create us some SL luck.

This Hunt is for the kids of SL. If you are a Kid or Adult that makes kid items please join in. (NO Freebies) Please No Adult Sims...All that join must make kid friendly items and also be in a kid friendly area...

There is no cost to be in this hunt, however, if you would like to be a sponsor (listed in the top 6 entries) contact Duchess Whiteberry for more Information. (Sponsor Info & Application at the Bottom of Notecard).

We are only accepting 100 vendors...So you may want to hurry and get those applications in.

For More Information Please Contact

Duchess Whiteberry &

BabyMickie Sandalwood
Lucky Charm Hunt Application

Application Deadline: Feb 19th

Please Rename Application as follows:

LCH ~ Your Name

(Example: LCH ~ Duchess Whiteberry)



SECOND CONTACT(not mandatory):




___ Duchess Kid Hunt Group

___Duchess Kid Hunt Subscriber

All Areas Are Subject to being checked to make sure it is kid friendly place.

Please Rename Application as follows:

LCH ~ Your Name

(Example: LCH ~ Duchess Whiteberry)

Thanks For Applying

Duchess Whiteberry &

BabyMickie Sandalwood