Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chase of the Beast Hunt

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. & ANCAYI presents:

" The Chase of The Beast ! "

-Start: March 1st

-End: April 1st

-Start location:


Come to chase the Beast !

I propose you a hunt themed around the universe of fables and animal tales. It's the opportunity for you to appeal to your creativity or to your childhood memories to commemorate a story that touched you.

As a help, here is a random list of themes you could use but don't feel forced to follow those. You can chose another writer but your choice must match the hunt's subject.


- La Fontaine

- Kipling

- Orwell ( " Animal Farm " )

- Le roman de Renart

- Perrault

and more...

The hunt will take place between the March 1st and the April 1st.

No more than 100 creators are invited to participate in it.

If you're interested in joining this Hunt, Please complete the application below and return it to Lolly Carlberg or Cagalli tokyoska by no later than february 1th.


Once your application was accepted, you will receive the complete pack (poster, group, blog) at the beginning of January

P.S: Resellers are no accepted. Mainstore only not mall ^^

Lolly Carlberg

Cagalli Tokyoska


-Owner/Manager Name(s):

-Store Name:



- SIM ( PG, Mature , Adult ) :

- Fable or tale which you go to use:

- Gift You're Proposing to Give Away:

Please send this notecard to lolly carlberg or cagalli tokyoska