Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Broken Resolution Hunt

***Broken Resolutions

Starts Jan 15, 2010 Ends Feb 14

Accepting application till hunt is full or till Jan 10th which ever comes first.

I will need the following information

Name of the Store:

Landmark for the store:

Contact person if theres a problem with your item or your store:

Store Owner:

Type of Store:

Rules for the Broken Resolution Hunt

PLEASE LOOK AT THE BLOG IF YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE HUNT THEN YOU WILL BE ADDED TO THE BLOG. You will get a invite to the group and I will contact you. So please look at the blog before asking me.

*Applications are always accepted. They need to be returned to Sutha Stoop.

* If you are approved as a vendor, then I will invite you to join our hunters Group. This group will be where you let me know if you're going to have some problem with your store an so forth.

* You will receive a poster for your store, which will need to be displayed outside of your store during the hunt, as well as 2 weeks before. One of my friends or myself will be doing a walk through of the stores 7 days before it starts to make sure the signs are out .

*You will recieve your hunt item when you are accepted into the hunt along with the LM to the next hunt.

* Each item needs to have a visible landmark to the next store. Please do not place the next landmark inside the pumpkin with no place for the hunters to rez things. If you do however have a place for the hunters to rez you may do that. All folders need to be labelled (e.g BR #001 (Store Name, this part is optional)

* The prizes cannot be freebies, they need to be quality items. There also needs to be either a gender neutral gift inside or a male and female gift.. You may have more than one gift box in your store if you wish.

* You will be notified of your acceptance immediately, so you can start working on your gift. If you have not heard anything about your application status in 1-2 days, please contact me and resend it. I will be making sure that you have the landmark for your item by the 12am on hunt start day .

*When you return your completed application please rename your notecard, Your name- Store Name (Sutha Stoop- Sutha Scripts ) something like that so i can keep my inventory and my folders organized.

Thanks Sutha Stoop.. :)