Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nature's Hunt

Nature's Hunt 2010

After the cold winter when spring arrives everyone gets back that smile and that tingly feeling in our belly. This hunt is inspired on all that spring means to Nature, when everything starts blooming again. There have been a wide variety of gridwide hunts in so many themes, but this hunt is the first in SL with the theme: Nature.

Yes this spring we will honor Nature by having a Nature's Hunt based on everything that is natural or anything that is Nature related. A great hunt where you get to see all the sims that have great Nature sites, items and shops!

In SL we have seen some real great realistic Nature as well as the fantasy side of Nature.

The hunt will be taking place from March 3rd- April 3rd 2010

Vendors, let this spring bring you the inspiration to create amazing things for your shop and this hunt!

And like Nature in RL: lets make SL a place where exploring never ends....

Anything related to Nature is possible, just let Nature take it course....

Note: There is a maximum amount of 100 shops that can participate in the Nature's Hunt and will be ordered in the order applications are received!

To apply for this hunt please fill in:

1. Avatar name:

Partner avatar name (optional):

2. Store name:

3. Landmark: (drag to notecard from inventory)

4. Slurl:

5. How does your store fit in the Nature theme?

6. Can you give me a rough idea of what are you going to create for this hunt?

7. Copy/paste this application to a new note and change the name of the notecard as following: Nature's Hunt, , and send to Resje Bailey

Feel free to contact me (Resje Bailey) if you have any questions.

You will be contacted after your application with further details.

Thank you!!

Resje Bailey