Sunday, January 10, 2010

Irontail Egg Hunt

Another frackin grid wide hunt in Second Life!

The Irontail Egg Hunt will run from April 1st-30th, reigning in the holiday season in a slightly different way. This hunt is for the warped & the sexy. Adult shops are encouraged to apply! We could all use a little targeted traffic. This is not going to be a kid friendly hunt as at least some of the stores will be on adult land, but a hunt for Adult stores, Nekos,Goth,Vampires, Sexy Clothes etc... and just those that enjoy some spice in their lives! Deadline for applications is Feb. 23rd and I am capping the hunt at 150 stores.


Please send: To JuliaSnow Fall or Alexis3 Luik in world (send to one of us NOT both)

Your full second life name

Store name

Landmark of your store


Land Rating:

Name your application Irontail (Your Name)(Store name)

Name/s you want added to the group?

What do you make and sell?

If accepted you will be invited to the Irontail Egg Hunt group for merchants. If you need an alt to join the group instead of your main avatar please let it be known on your application. I do realize group space is limited, but it is the only way I can keep in touch with all of you and have a smooth running hunt.

JuliaSnow Fall

Alexis3 Luik

Kaelor Devin