Friday, April 9, 2010

.:Shush:. is proud to present the first Fashion Freaks hunt, taking place May 15th to June 15th.

Because we are all Fashion Freaks, we want to present you with a great hunt with high quality prizes and a chance to discover new and great designers all over the grid.

Join the group @-Fashion Freaks-@ to keep informed on all the information on the hunt and to get information on new releases, special promotions,freebies and bargains taking place all over the grid. A nice 2 in 1!

Fashion is like candy, that's why the hunt object is one cute pink and white bonbon.

If you wish to participate in this great project as a Designer, read and fill out this information and send it back to Avy Fhang.


1. Thank you for your interest in the Fashion Freaks hunt. The Fashion Freaks group is a group that was created with the intent on sharing information about great deals and bargains on sl. I decided to put a hunt together for this group, to help marketing and to build up the group base. Keep in mind that this group will not only offer you a chance to participate in the hunt, but will also give you notice abilities.

Some basic rules in using the group :
a. 1 notice per day maximum. It is a maximum rule. Keep in mind that you MUST not send more then 1 per day but you DONT NEED TO. Spacing your notices will allow you more visibility and let people digest and consult the information you sent through the group. I recommend 2 notices per week at fixed moments in the week.

b. No spamming in group chat! This is exclusively for members to discuss about their likes, to ask questions about the hunt and to share information. If you want to take part in the conversation, fine but please don't spam.

c. Make sure you send a notecard attach with your notice. Send information about your bargain or new release, but keep the details for the notecard. Add pictures of your products for members to be able to appreciate if they want to tp to the store and check your release. No pictures = less chances of people coming to visit your store.

2. Remember that we will choose a maximum of 100 stores for this hunt. More then that would be inappropriate, since hunters usually gets tired with hunts and don't pursue them to the end.
Submissions will be accepted Until May 9th or until the hunt is full.
Even if there is not enough space in the hunt, you may still submit the aplication to get a designer tag in the group. Fill out the application and send it via notecard. I will get back to you shortly.

3. To allow quality in the hunt, please allow time for me to review applications and give the final decision about your acceptance to the hunt. I will be reviewing and accepting based on quality. There is no theme to the hunt, the emphasis is on the quality of the items.

4. This hunt is not open to resellers or freebies, business in a box stores, or cheapie stores. I encourage original designers. Period.

5. Upon acceptange of your application, you will be invited to join the Fashion Freaks group and will get a designer tag. Please put up the hunt sign quickly in store (and change it if any updates are sent). if you don't wanna use a slot in your groups, you can also join the subscribe-o-matic instead. I really suggest you take the group, as you will be able to send notices before and after the hunt and keep updated on promotions that may take place in the future and might offer you some visibility for your store. It's up to you to make the decision.

6. It is important that you keep your Landmark and information on your store current. If you close, inform us in a notecard (althought we don't wish that, it happens). If you change location, please inform us with a notecard with the new LM and slurl). Make sure you rezz your hunt sign.

7. When accepted, you will first receive the hunt sign and an invite to the group. Later on, I will send you a merchant pack with your hunt object, a hunt trail (for stores in a mall or landing point far away from the object location) and any other information you need (important dates, updates, etc.). Make sure you keep track of all of it.

8. Later, I will send hunt objects with the landmark to the next location. DO NOT EDIT THIS ITEM. That means, no retexturing or recoloring. You can resize it to an appropriate size. Keep in mind that hunters need to find the object, even if we want them to search a little for it. The best publicity is when they can get your object and enjoy it. Traffic number doesn't replace satisfaction of a prize and a landmark in thousand of people's inventory. Keep in mind when you position your item :)

9. Also keep in mind that the item you give away should reflect the quality of your products. Offering a small prize with great quality is much better then offering tons of stuff (or a small prize) with poor quality. If you want people to come back, make sure you give them a reason to do so. As for the prize, no freebies, no objects that you didn't create yourself, no full perm items created by others designers, no stolen or copy botted objects (of course).

10. We will also ask you to provide a hint for your item, when the time comes. Check on notices, as I will send a notecard you'll have to fill in. It will take you 2 minutes and will help the hunters. Take time to think about it, give it some mystery. Hints are as much fun as the hunt itself. Keep that in mind. If you have trouble with it, contact any hunt organizer and we can help you with it.

11. Please, be respectfull to hunt organizers, members in the group and everyone related. They work hard to get this hunt to work. If you have a problem, contact me directly. No Drama. I reserve the right to remove someone from the hunt for that reason.

12. If you read and agree to all theese rules, (I know there is a lot of them, but they aren't unreasonable), please fill out a notecard, rename it (Avatar Name) (Store Name) and send it to Avy Fhang :

Owners name :
Store name :
Name of second contact :
Name of an alt you want the invite in the group to send:
Slurl :
LM :
blog :
website :
What kind of products do you create ? :
Do you wanna help for the hunt ? :
If so, what would you like to help with :
a. Blog
b. checking signs and hunt objects
c. Marketing