Friday, April 9, 2010

Hybrid Hunt II

his is the application for the Second annual Hybrid Hunt. The Hybrid hunt not only caters to nekos, but to all of the "hybrids" out there, be you bunny, puppy, duck, fox or otherwise.

The theme is, of course, hybrids- creativity is key. Ever wanted to make bunny ears and a tail, then do it! So long as it has a hybrid theme, it doesn't matter what you make.

PLEASE make either a female and male version of your gift, or make the gift unisex

No resellers please and NO CLUBS! If your store is in a club, then that's fine. But you must be the designer of your item.

If you are approved, you will be sent a group invite from me. PLEASE JOIN THE GROUP! I'm sorry, but I can't track you down to give you info. If you don't join the group, then you won't be allowed in the hunt. I'm sorry, but it's proved quite problematic to me in the past.

The hunt will take place June 1st-July 1st. I will take applications until May 15th. You will know by May 17th if you are in the hunt.

Also, if something happens and you need to drop from the hunt, please let me know. It's common courtesy.

For those who have stores on an adult sim; please let me know as not everyone is age verified.

Please return all applications to Flair Swansong!

This hunt will have 100 vendors.


*Store Owner:

*Store Name:



*What do you sell?

*Sim rating: (PG, MATURE, or ADULT?)

*If the vendor quota is met before you apply, would you like to be kept in case we need fill ins?


Please include all information or your application will be discarded. Return to Flair Swansong as soon as possible :) Thanks!