Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Groovy Love Gridwide Hunt

Thank you for your interest in Groovy Love Gridwide Hunt. This hunt is themed on the colors and attitudes of the the "Summer of Love." Be inspired to show how groovy you are.

Hunt Object: 1 prim Peace Symbol

Application will be accepted till May 8th, 2010. Any applications recieved after May 1st will be used to fill in spots if vendors drop. Please fill in all necessary information failure to do so will result in application being deleted.

1. Rename the notecard GL Groovy Love App. - (Your Avatars First and Last Name)
(Failure to name the notecard properly will result in the notecard being deleted, sorry.)

2. Store information:
Your Name:

Alternate store contact: (Only one alternate contact per store)

Are you already in the Greatest Love vendor group? Yes/No (If not please make room for this group during the duration of the hunt.) (Both you and your alternate store contact will recieve an invite to the group.)

Store Name: (only one location allowed per store name)

Store LandMark:
(If your store is moving before the hunt please contact AnneAlyce immediately when you move.) (If you move during the hunt please contact the store owner before you to keep the hunt train intact.)

Store SLurl:

Note: Please make your gifts something the hunters will want to keep. T-shirts, BIB, etc. tend to find their way into the trash. No clubs, BIB, no resellers ONLY original work.

Once your application has been processed and accepted an acceptance notecard will be sent to you. If you do not hear from me within 2 weeks fo sending me your application please resend the application.

Any questions please send a notecard to AnneAlyce Maertens or Pema Bosatsu

AnneAlyce Maertens